Vandal Pride

“Home of the Vandals”

The University of Idaho and Merrill Community Schools share a common nickname, the VANDALS. Research by the Saginaw News Sports Department found they are the only two schools in the USA that do. The real life Vandals, not to be confused with the term “vandals” that represents individuals who do willful damage, were a nomadic tribe that rampaged the Roman Empire and actually captured Rome for a brief period.

The Merrill community has embraced its’ high school teams who have had their share of success both on the field, in the gym and in the classroom.  This has created a common bond in the community and a true sense of pride. Travel through the community and you can observe the many orange neon signs (the school colors are orange and black) displaying the “GO VANDALS” slogan which is also prominently displayed in large block lighted letters on the high school gym entrance. The sign in our insurance agency window, illuminating the words “GO VANDALS”, has sparked many humorous comments.

The Mayan Agency recognizes the important role athletics play in the development of individuals and has been committed to supporting this concept.